Landfill Schedule

The landfill is located at W6577 Subway Road and is open every Saturday beginning the 2nd Saturday in April and closing the 2nd Saturday in November.

Items that can be brought to the landfill:

  1. Clean Wood
  2. Grass Clippings
  3. Tree Branches

Wayside by Lake Winnebago

Items NOT accepted at the landfill:

  1. Stained, painted, varnished, or treated wood
  2. Glued wood such as plywood
  3. OSB board
  4. Composition board or paneling
  5. Tires
  6. Asphalt shingles
  7. Building demolition
  8. Drywall
  9. Plastics
  10. Rubber
  11. Furniture
  12. Mattresses
  13. Other waste