Town Ordinances

This code is provided for informational purposes only. In the case of any discrepancy between this version and the official hard copy, the official hard copy will prevail. This web version of the code may not reflect all of, or the most current, legislation passed by the municipality.

Title 1- General Provisions
Title 2- Government & Provisions
Title 3- Finance & Public Records
Title 4- Administrative Determinations
Title 5- Public Safety
Title 6- Public Works
Title 7- Licensing and Regulation
       7-1-18 Backyard Chickens
Title 8- Health and Sanitation
Title  9- Public Utilities
Title 10- Motor Vehicles
Title 11- Offenses and Nuisances
Title 12- Parks and Recreation
Title 13- Zoning
Title 14- Subdivision and Platting
Title 15- Building Code
Title 16- Intergovernmental Agreements
Adult Establishment Ordinance
Wind Energy Ordinance
Sex Offender Ordinance
Utility Location Ordinance
ATV/UTV Routes on town roads