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About Town of Friendship

The Town of Friendship’s desire is to remain a rural town. It will encourage residential development to occur within the Town’s Sanitary District #1.

The Town is situated just north of the Fond du Lac metropolitan area, and can be easily accessed from U.S. Highway (USH) 41, a major north-south traffic corridor.

The majority of Town of Friendship residents live near Lake Winnebago.


  • A rural location, yet close to a metropolitan area having jobs, commercial and cultural amenities
  • Lake Winnebago, which offers a variety of seasonal recreation activities
  • Good road maintenance
  • Comparatively lower taxes
  • A good agricultural land base and citizens committed to farming
  • Natural wooded and wetland areas that are publicly and privately preserved
  • No concentration of urban development, but rather spread-out rural development
  • Good fire, ambulance, and first responder service
  • Quality groundwater

Public Parkland

Highway 45 Wayside Park is approximately eight acres in size and is located on the west shore of Lake Winnebago about three miles north of Fond du Lac. Facilities at the park include parking, toilets, a picnic shelter, grills and tables, and a four-lane launch and breakwater built in 2005 to provide a harbor of refuge.